Hygge Haven

A wetroom can be integrated into any space or style of home. Blend traditional features with precision engineered wetroom technology for an elegant take on modern showering. The award-winning Aqua-Dec EasyFit™ floor former incorporates four pre-formed drainage gradients with a choice of drain covers to coordinate with your style. Combine stylish brassware and statement tiling to enhance period features in your wetroom space.

Colour Palette
Aqua-Dec EasyFit

The Aqua-Dec EasyFit Wetroom Floor Former is an extremely strong 22mm thick GRP floorboard replacement with 4 pre-formed drainage gradients to provide a level access wetroom floor suitable for tiling.

Tiled Wetroom Drain - Stamp Drain Top

All Aqua-Dec EasyFit floor formers are compatible with Gravity, Pumped and Slimline drains. All drain tops are UK manufactured and are laser cut in high-grade stainless steel grill. The range of designs and finishes add a touch of individual style to the wetroom. Explore all drain top options available with Tiled Gravity, Tiled Pumped and Tiled Gravity Slimline Wetroom Drain.

Wynk Towel Ring

Simple, innovative, useful. Lines flow gently into one another.

Sealskin Duka Libero 5000

Curved profiles move with ease yet convey long durability - a designer's dream come true! Visible pleasure is revealed by a new design language and combined with the ritual character of water.

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