Functional Simplicity

Modern and uncluttered, opt for an accessible showering space with natural detailing to create a light and airy showering environment. With an eye for detail; functional features from hinges to drainage apertures, become elegant design highlights. Offering improved accessibility, a level-access wetroom removes trip hazards and can easily incorporate stylish fixtures such as grab rails and wall-mounted shower seating.

Colour Palette
Aqua-Dec Linear 4

The Aqua-Dec Linear 4 Wetroom Floor Former is a strong 22mm thick floorboard replacement with 4 pre-formed drainage gradients that provide a level access wetroom floor suitable for a tiled covering.

Comfort & Safety Shower Seat White

Sleek, wall-mounted shower seat can be folded down against the wall for minimal show. With no trip hazards, this design can be fitted at varying heights to the wall to suit the user.

Tiled Wetroom Linear Drain

Make a chic statement with the Polished Stainless Steel Drain Top. Explore all drain top options available with Tiled Gravity Linear Drain.

Comfort & Safety Riser Rail

The right-angled grab rail with shower riser rail from the Geesa Comfort & Safety range is made of chrome and offers extra support and comfort when showering. A left-hand version of this item is also available.