We believe that true accessible design should cater to individual preferences in harmony with family inclusiveness, embracing both physical and mental well-being. Our expanding portfolio of award-winning accessible showering products offers the chance to create elegant and ergonomic shower spaces: choose from high performance wetroom floor formers, shower trays with graded slip resistance, market-leading half height shower doors, multi-function grab rails, glass screens that provide space and dignity and shower seats with colour and shape variation.

Elegant Retreat

Creating a sophisticated sanctuary with elegant accessibility, every design shows how an adapted bathroom can be personalised. Complementing aspects boast styling with thoughtful interior detailing.

Modern Escape

Designed to provide a calming retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of daily family life, this shower space embraces clever design elements which encourage versatility and allow for a creative use of the space.

Elegant Retreat

A true sense of space is provided by our Supreme glass screen with subtly integrated grab rail. The wetroom tray features an ideal 1:40 built-in gradient situated as a floorboard replacement and can be incorporated into the style of the home, offering level-access showering to avoid trip hazards.

Pure Simplicity

Converting a room into a bathroom can help to create a comfortable space for everyone. Ensuring the room is accessible and manageable for all users is imperative to any design.