How does Impey Manufacture its wetroom products?

As a UK-based manufacturer, we are proud to employ a locally-based workforce at our manufacturing site in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, and our offices in Ilton, Somerset.

At the Bridgnorth factory, we integrate a variety of streamlined, modern manufacturing processes across the Impey product range to ensure all our products are of unparalleled quality and produced as efficiently as possible. From the cutting-edge technology we use to press our GRP floor former decs to the newly-designed manufacturing pod we have installed to construct our bespoke ‘Elevate’ half height shower doors, each Impey product is made with the highest levels of care and attention to detail.

We have invested in a wide variety of modern manufacturing processes to enable us to deliver market-leading solutions, across a wide range of technologies.

Capabilities include:

  • Thermoset compression
  • Resin transfer and wet lay processes, enabling us to meet wet flooring requirements.
  • Thermoform processes to provide tray options, all backed up with CNC trimming capacity to ensure dependability.

Aligned to these, the business has extensive hand operated poka yoke tooling, used to deliver agile response times on shower products, such as the bespoke Elevate half height shower doors.

All supported with our own design, engineering and continuous improvement teams. These drive the use of new materials, in-house tooling, processes and offerings, whilst ensuring compliance through our own CE testing facility.

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