NEW Impey Aqua-Dec Linear 1

The introduction of our Aqua-Dec Linear 1 will complete our linear offering, showcasing clean lines and signature Impey quality with a one-way fall linear floor former. Its seamless contemporary design will lend ideally to large format tiles and luxury bathrooms, as well as offering increased options for accessibility.

With a single gradient to direct water to the drainage point, it offers a stylish, minimalist aesthetic, adaptable for contemporary wetroom designs, available in three size options. The 800mm drain is positioned next to and in-line with the wall for an ultra-modern appearance. And the single gradient ensures that the Linear 1 is quick and simple to tile.

The Linear 1 will solidify the Impey floor former portfolio as the largest on the UK market; meaning that we now offer 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-way floor formers, a milestone that we are hugely proud of.

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Impey's first ever floor former featuring one gradient down to the drain, producing a sleek and modern look. With having a single fall for the water to drain, the Aqua-Dec Linear 1 wetroom floor former brings the modern look to your bathroom. Sleek design and functionality, requiring the minimal amount of grout lines and tile cuts. Integrating your showering area into your bathroom floor seamlessly. The Aqua-Dec Linear 1 is 22mm thick and can be installed on timber or concrete floors, providing flow rates of 40l/min.

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